Three Reasons to Consider Zaloni’s Data Lake Platform

Three Reasons to Consider Zaloni’s Data Lake Platform
admin | June 2nd, 2016

Information-rich Data Landscape

Today’s complex data landscape precludes reliance on a traditional, structured approach to data analysis for organizations seeking to extract the most insightful information from the data. The structured approach, characterized by pre-defined KPI’s and measures, was sufficient in the past when analysis was restricted to clearly understood enterprise data. Now, information-rich external data, machine-generated data, and app-centric data of disparate varieties and formats is readily available. These types of data demand iterative, discovery-based analysis in order to elucidate requirements. By combining structured analysis with discovery-based analysis, information leaders can glean novel insights that can lead to improved business processes and a competitive advantage.


1.     Delivers Data Lake Essentials

While there are products in the market specializing in data integration, data quality, data enrichment or other capability, Zaloni combines these capabilities (see box at right) in their most essential form in its Bedrock integrated Data Lake management platform. Bedrock offers the following benefits:

  • Coherence
  • Cost-effective Licensing
  • Eliminates product interoperability issues
  • Manages life cycle for Data Lake initiatives


Bedrock and Mica

Mica is Zaloni’s self-service data preparation product that interfaces seamlessly with Bedrock. Data assets from Bedrock are easily accessible by Mica for data enrichment and preparation activities. Data preparation workflows created in Mica subsequently can be orchestrated and operationalized in Bedrock. All data assets, whether accessed from Bedrock or created in Mica, are retained in Mica’s Data Catalog.


2.     Promotes Data Quality

In a recent survey, 38% of respondents identified “Governance” associated with quality and trustworthiness of multi-structured data as a key challenge faced by today’s information leaders. In response to this challenge, organizations should extend their existing data quality and governance frameworks to incorporate semi-structured and unstructured data. Zaloni answers the challenge by promoting data quality through “visibility” (e.g. data lineage), enabling creation and application of data quality rules, and data enrichment (e.g. tagging) to further improve the quality of data.

3.     Bridges Skillset Gaps

In a recent survey, 54% of respondents identified “Skillsets and training” to support new technology and processes around the changing data landscape as a key challenge faced by information leaders. Zaloni contributes to closing this gap by automating routine Big Data management tasks that might otherwise tie up a data scientist’s time. Arguably the most valued persona in Big Data processing and analysis, the data scientist is entrusted with exploring and analyzing multi-structured data in search of new insights that may lead to constructive changes in business processes.

Zaloni helps sail the Data Lake by answering Technology, People, and Process Challenges

  • Technology: Enables Data Lake by simplifying and facilitating solution implementation.
  • People: Engages business users by bridging the skillset gap with drag-and-drop type of interface.
  • Process: Governs Data Lake by providing visibility into data assets and managing data quality through creation of business rules.

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