Syncsort Establishes a New Milestone in Exploiting Mainframe Data with Hadoop

Syncsort Establishes a New Milestone in Exploiting Mainframe Data with Hadoop
admin | March 21st, 2016

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Syncsort is a key player in mainframe data access and integration. The company’s DMX-h product enables ingestion of historical, mainframe data into Hadoop, thereby capitalizing on the power of Hadoop for processing and analyzing mainframe data in combination with other relevant data.

Syncsort has taken a significant leap forward with its latest release of DMX-h that now enables working with mainframe data stored in its native EBCDIC format in Hadoop. This capability is particularly powerful for regulated industries such as healthcare and banking, where the importance of maintaining data lineage and compliance is paramount. DMX-h provides connectors and builds metadata describing data in the mainframe, facilitating ingestion, integration and processing. DMX-h has the flexibility to also work with mainframe data

  • In place by funneling the relevant data to Hadoop for integration and processing, or
  • By moving the data into Hadoop and converting it to a more efficient file format (such as Parquet) for subsequent processing.

The Hadoop ecosystem is rapidly changing, including introduction of new processing engines. Syncsort strives to overcome this challenge by supporting multiple processing engines. Syncsort’s Intelligent Execution Engine provides native support for MapReduce, Tez and Spark, along with runtime optimization and orchestration.

Accompanying the latest release of DMX-h is a new product, DMX Data Funnel, which enables movement of a large number of tables from an environment such as Mainframe or DB2 into the Hadoop environment. This component is particularly suitable for large initial loads and building periodic snapshots. Subsequent loads can be handled by the product’s built-in Change Data Capture (CDC) functionality.

For further information on the latest DMX-h and DMX Data Funnel, please refer to the press release and video below.

Press Release: Syncsort Raises the Bar on Simplifying Mainframe Big Data Access, Governance and Compliance in Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark

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