Pitney Bowes’ New Solution brings Unified Customer Recognition across Channels

Pitney Bowes’ New Solution brings Unified Customer Recognition across Channels
admin | May 5th, 2016


Pitney Bowes’ Single Customer View solution launched on March 31, 2016 arrives at a time when customers are demanding greater personalization in their interactions with businesses. An unambiguous, up-to-date 360-degree perspective on individuals and organizations is now essential for conducting business most effectively in the Financial Services, TelCo, Insurance, Retail, Healthcare, and Public sectors.

Ecommerce provides a definitive use case for illustrating the value of the Single Customer View solution. Today’s online-savvy consumers demand accurate, contextual, real-time recognition of their identity wherever and whenever they’re engaging with a business. Regardless of their channel of communication – Website, Mobile Web, Mobile App, Email, Social Media, Call Center and even Retail Store – customers expect every touch point to provide an up-to-date and contextually relevant experience.

Findings reported by Kitewheel (The State of the Customer Journey) serve to underscore the expectations of connected consumers:

      • 70% …frustrated by having to repeat information already provided.
      • 25% …frustrated that businesses are unable to recognize them as customers.
      • 91% …acknowledge that an “in the moment” offer could influence their purchase.
      • 68% …expect brands to respond to tweets directed at the brand.

30% …expect the brand’s response within 24 hours

The Single Customer View solution delivers identity resolution to the users of Pitney Bowes’ Spectrum Technology Platform. This capability accesses disparate data across multiple channels of engagement to provide an unambiguous, contextually-relevant view of a customer. Identity resolution can run either as a batch operation or as a service to be leveraged for real-time processing.

The newly released Spectrum Technology Platform v11, the foundation for Pitney Bowes’ Customer Information Management (CIM) product portfolio, introduces the following Single Customer View solution key capabilities:

  • Virtualized Data Hub
  • Big Data Quality
  • Visual Insights

“Virtualized Data Hub” is the Single Customer View solution’s central point for understanding, managing and delivering critical data assets. The hub provides components for federating data across silos, gleaning inherent relationships in the data, modelling entity relationships, sharing data with downstream processes and persisting data as needed.


“Big Data Quality” capability facilitates execution of data quality processes such as cleansing, matching and validation within the Hadoop and Spark environments. Moving DQ processing to where the vast amount of data resides enables exploiting the parallel processing of the cluster, resulting in accelerated DQ processing.

“Visual Insights” is a new web browser tool for building Dashboards, Reports and Story-boards that enable analysis of client data as well as monitoring the status of Spectrum processes. Analyses performed in Visual Insights can be scheduled to run, and resulting data can be accessed by downstream processes.


  1. As reliance on Hadoop and Spark (supports low-latency processing) for data integration, processing and analytics initiatives grows, enterprises should consider running data quality processes close to where the data resides. Evaluate Pitney Bowe’s Big Data Quality features for suitability.
  2. Enterprises seeking to enrich customer experience by orchestrating the customer’s journey across all channels of interaction should evaluate the benefits of Pitney Bowes’ Virtual Data Hub which incorporates Graph database for storing and querying connected data.
  3. To achieve unified customer recognition, essential for consumer activation at the right touchpoint, evaluate Pitney Bowes’ Single Customer View as a viable solution. A component of the Customer Information Management product portfolio, Single Customer View is powered by complementary Spectrum Technology Platform product capabilities including customer analytics, relationship analysis client (RAC), location intelligence and MDM.


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