Informatica World 2016: Digital Disruption Demands Data Centricity

Informatica World 2016: Digital Disruption Demands Data Centricity
admin | May 23rd, 2016

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Data Powers Business

Informatica World 2016, being held in Moscone West, San Francisco on May 23 -26, is the launching pad for Informatica’s “Next-Gen Data Architecture.” The conference theme is “Data Powers Business”, a response to the evolving data-centric landscape in which data intelligence and customer experience are driving business and technology decisions. At IW 2016, Informatica will unveil new products and product enhancements in support of enterprises transitioning from an app-centric to a data-centric world. The Business audience will be pleased to know that the Conference will host sessions tailored to their needs.

Data centricity

Informatica’s vision of Next-Gen Architecture

Informatica envisions a next generation architecture that fully embodies the digital transformation fueling enhanced customer experience, connected enterprises and new business models. This architecture will be characterized by:

  • Ability to accommodate new requirements without significant disruption
  • Data democratization through self-service in a governed manner
  • Data Intelligence combining knowledge graph and machine learning in empowering users to discover, understand, shape and analyze data
  • Enable organization’s data-readiness to become data-driven
  • Hybrid approach, comprising the best of
    • On-premises & Cloud
    • Structured & unstructured
    • Self-service & governance
    • Batch and real-time

Key product capabilities and features of interest

At IW 2016, Informatica will announce its progress on delivering Next-Gen Data Architecture.

Central to this architecture is the Informatica Intelligent Data Platform comprising the following components:

  • Data Intelligence Layer consisting of the metadata service , knowledge graph and self-service
  • Data Infrastructure Layer containing a comprehensive set of data services such as ingest, transform and cleanse
  • Technology Abstraction Layer using the Vibe (virtual data machine) engine
    • The Intelligent Data Platform enables data-fueled apps such as Product 360 and Enterprise Information Catalog (EIC).

Outlined below are some of the new, key capabilities associated with Informatica Intelligent Data Platform.

    Intelligent Data Lake (IDL)

    Please refer to What Differentiates Informatica’s Intelligent Data Lake Platform

    Enterprise Information Catalog (EIC)

    Single catalog (enabled by IT) for enterprise data that facilitates search, discovery and enrichment of data assets by Business. EIC is powered by Live Data Map (LDM), the platform metadata service which uses Titan graph database technology to store knowledge about the data such as lineage and relationships.

    Real-time Streaming

    Capability to process and analyze continuous event steams such as machine-generated data.

    • Ingest real-time streaming data
    • Perform rule evaluation and event triggering
    • Transform and deliver data to desired target

    Cloud capabilities

    Key Cloud capabilities that support hybrid use cases accompanied with publish/subscribe data integration hubs:

    • Cloud Data Integration Hub offering centrally managed hub to streamline and automate data integration across cloud and on-premises sources
    • Cloud B2B Gateway is the data exchange platform for enterprises and partners


Since going private in August 2015, Informatica has not missed a step. The company has continued to execute on the path to realizing its vision for a Next-Gen Data Architecture, adding breadth and depth of capabilities as its growth accelerates.

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