What differentiates Informatica’s Intelligent Data Lake platform?

What differentiates Informatica’s Intelligent Data Lake platform?
admin | May 5th, 2016

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Three reasons why you should be impressed with Informatica’s Intelligent Data Lake platform:  Cohesiveness, Cohesiveness, and Cohesiveness!


Informatica raises the bar

While other leading Data Integration vendors advertise a broad portfolio of products that might include Master Data Management, Self-service Data Preparation and Big Data Integration, Informatica raises the bar by combining the power of its “REV”, “Live Data Map”, and “Big Data Management” offerings in a cohesive, transparent manner.

  • Systematically transform raw Big Data found throughout the organization into fit-for-purpose data sets
  • Catalog disparate data accessed from corporate silos to enable greater understanding by business analysts and more thorough governance by IT.
  • Interface with Big Data Relationship Management (BDRM) for matching and linking large data sets for master data management.
  • Employ easy-to-use self-service data preparation to enrich data quickly for sharing and reuse, and timely business insights.
  • Create re-usable, sustainable data preparation tasks through operationalization.
  • Monitor activities in the Data Lake for IT/Governance staff


Single seamless interface

From discovering data to detecting relationships to preparation to publishing, Informatica’s Intelligent Data Lake platform collects the following components and makes them accessible under one seamless interface:

  • Data Profiling & Discovery
  • Metadata/Data Lineage
  • Visualize entity relationships for enterprise entities
  • Data Preparation
  • Governance
  • Publication

Guides the analyst

Intelligent Data Lake agilely guides the analyst through the data’s journey from raw form to consumption, enabling the user to craft a story, connect the right dots:

  • Explore data
  • Understand data characteristics
  • Visualize relationships
  • Add context
  • Recommend leveraging appropriate data sets
  • Enable sharing and visibility


Frustrated with interoperability issues and connecting multiple products? Enterprises looking for a more cohesive solution should evaluate Informatica’s Intelligent Data Lake as a viable solution.

I am hopeful that Informatica’s initiative in seamlessly combining key data integration capabilities will inspire more cohesive offerings in the future.


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