Denodo Platform 6.0 Accelerates Data Virtualization Initiatives

Denodo Platform 6.0 Accelerates Data Virtualization Initiatives
admin | March 21st, 2016

Data Virtualization is a growing segment of the Data Integration market. A key player, Denodo, has just announced Release 6.0 of its Denodo Platform by end of March. Key distinguishing features of this latest release are expected to push this vendor to the forefront of Data Virtualization implementation. These features (see below) include exploitation of Cloud (AWS), enhanced performance through dynamic query optimization, and self-service data discovery and search.

Denodo Platform 6.0

In addition to the features illustrated above, Release 6.0 offers:

  • Enhanced Big Data connectivity
  • Ability to build ad-hoc queries
  • New administration tool
  • New resource manager to manage very large deployments
  • Support for Kerberos security

Key Features

Cloud-based offering (AWS)

Release 6.0 will be available on the AWS Cloud platform.  This configuration will benefit organizations by enabling accelerated development, testing and deployment of data virtualization projects, thereby eliminating long procurement cycles.  The Cloud offering will be provided:

  • As part of the AWS Marketplace
  • As Infrastructure-as-a-service model (IaaS)
  • In multiple configurations for capacity handling.

Self-service data discovery & search

Release 6.0 expands personas to support business power users. It enables these users to perform google-like searches on data assets, to discover data assets and attributes, and to explore the data to gain an understanding of the data and inherent relationships prior to consumption. The mere ability for users to search for data assets enables organizations to improve data accessibility and data quality measures.  This self-service capability of Denodo addresses questions routinely asked about the data:

  • Is the data aligned to the business?
  • Is my data accessible to the right people?
  • Is my data easily discoverable by the business users?

To accomplish self-service data discovery and search, Denodo Platform 6.0:

  • Builds and indexes metadata of underlying data sources  to facilitate search of data & metadata, data discovery including relationships in data, and exploration of data
  • Incorporates  graphical representation of entities and relationships (see below)
  • Supports ad-hoc queries on data

Entity Relationship


Performance Improvement

Release 6.0’s Dynamic Query Optimizer will attract Information Architects and Integration Engineers alike by raising query optimization to a new level of improved performance. This is accomplished by dynamically identifying the optimal (lowest cost) query execution plan at runtime using techniques such as:

  • Pushdown processing (partial and full aggregation pushdown)
  • Partition pruning
  • On-the-fly data movement limited to data that is necessary/adequate to support queries

Additional Features

Listed below are additional benefits of Denodo Platform 6.0.

Enhanced Big Data connectivity to

  • Redshift – enhanced adapter as data source, cache and data movement
  • target
  • Apache Spark – enhanced adapter
  • Vertica – enhanced as data source, cache and data movement target
  • Impala – enhanced as cache and data movement target

Ability to build ad-hoc queries

  • Provides user interface to build and save queries as data views
  • Ability to export query output to csv format

New administration tool with focus on ease of use

  • New resource manager to manage very large deployments
  • Configures and governs resource usage on underlying data management systems

Support for Kerberos security

  • databases and Web Services
  • pass-through support and constrained delegation
  • API for accessing view dependencies information and data lineage information

Choosing Denodo Platform 6.0

Organizations who are considering Data Virtualization in their overall data integration strategy should evaluate Release 6.0 features with respect to justifying the business case, closing gaps in use case requirements, and serving multiple user roles such as

Information Architects who architect the solutions,

Data Integration Engineers who build the solutions,

Data Stewards who ensure quality and consistency, and

Business Power Users & Technical Analysts who represent the consumers.

Organizations who presently have Denodo Platform should consider leveraging Release 6.0 in order to realize the benefits of self-service data discovery, improved performance, agile deployment, and exploitation of Big Data sources.

To learn more about Denodo’s Data Virtualization product and latest Release 6.0, and how your organization can benefit from incorporating this offering in your data integration strategy, register for the “Fast Data Strategy Virtual Summit” The information contained herein was obtained from sources understood to be reliable. Lakshmi Randall disclaims all warranties regarding its accuracy, completeness or adequacy, and is not liable for errors, omissions or inadequacies therein. This blog represents the opinions of Lakshmi Randall and therefore should not be construed as statements of fact.

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