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The Journey from Raw Data to Smart Data

Today’s data landscape is much more complex than ever before. Data is distributed everywhere. There’s a combination of internal enterprise data, external data, and app-centric data of different varieties and formats. So, how do you manage this complexity? What are the considerations that you need to take account in order to transform raw data into insightful data? … Continue reading “The Journey from Raw Data to Smart Data”

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Six Recommendations for a Hybrid Approach to the Data Stack

A linear or non-linear data stack? The answer to this question is straightforward within the context of quantitative disciplines like mathematics in which “linear” and “non-linear” are well defined and differentiated. The answer is less obvious in reference to data management and analysis.

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Talend brings Synergy between IT and Business with Flow Builder interface

The most distinguishing capability of Talend’s SPRING ’16 release is Flow Builder. This novel feature, accessible from a tab on Talend’s Cloud integration web UI, targets the often-contentious relationship between Business and IT by bridging the gap between the deep technical world of IT and the domain-specific world of the LOB user.

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While other leading Data Integration vendors advertise a broad portfolio of products that might include Master Data Management, Self-service Data Preparation and Big Data Integration, Informatica raises the bar by combining the power of its “REV”, “Live Data Map”, and “Big Data Management” offerings in a cohesive, transparent manner.

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